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At Favorites Disposables we strive towards producing the best Liquid Diamonds and Live Resin Cartridges . Our premium Liquid Diamonds and Live Resin Carts are developed from state of the art technology , lab tested and manufactured in the United States.

What Are Favorites Liquid Diamonds

Our Liquid Diamonds concentrates the purest available form of medical marijuana that has been melted into our Favorites Disposables. Our Favorites Liquid Diamond Disposables offer a vaping experience that is second to none. Liquid Diamonds are basically Delta 9 THC . At Favorites Carts we have available both 1 gram and two gram Liquid Diamond Disposables to satisfy our clients. This makes our spectrum really broad . Our Favorites premium disposable contains our proprietary blend of HHC and HHCP a perfect match .

What Are Favorites Live  Resin

Favorites Live Resins are mouthwatering disposable bars made to give you the perfect hit every time. This extract  is made with just one ingredient, exotic marijuana , and it has the purest and most flavorful cannabinoids and terpene concentrate around. Our Live Resin extracts are generated from fresh frozen flower. All flavors and therapeutic molecules are also preserved.

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Lab Testing

At Favorites Disposables we believe in safety and transparency . All products from our inventory have been lab tested with the latest revolutionary cannabis technology to make sure they are healthy for consumption .  We created  Disposable because we want to empower our customers and make sure they  feel confident about our products.

Liquid Daimonds

Get the best liquid diamond disposables offered byfavorites in difeerent amazing flavors

Live Resin

Get the best liquid diamond disposables offered byfavorites in difeerent amazing flavors

Other Disposables

At Favorites we have other trending disposable cartridges in our inventory that you can chose from

Favorites Disposable Vapes 

There’s no better way to unwind and start on the path to feeling right than with Favorites Liquid Diamonds and Live Resin Products .
Our list of products is nearly endless as we have available other brands in our inventory like Ooze . And all this comes with a variety of flavors and dosages. We assure you your pick is definitely in our inventory. It’s important to understand how each method and dosage affects you so we recommend starting off small to get a better idea of your tolerance before going in headfirst.
If you have any questions about any of our Premium Quality Liquid Diamond Disposables or Live Resin Disposable products or you are looking to learn more about the benefits of Liquid Diamonds and how all of our products can help you feel right,do not hesitate to contact our customer support team .

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